Digital Workplace

Deploy the collaborative Workplace for your legal, ethics and compliance functions in your Microsoft context.

Deploy your workplace in your environment to facilitate : 

  • Securing and mobilizing shared data within your organization, 
  • governance of access rights,
  • the dissemination of legal functions to the closest of your employees, 
  • optimizing the technological tools you already have.

Align your workplace to your organization

  • it is not up to your organization to comply with your tool. It is up to the tool to comply with your organization.
  • with Legalcluster, structure your workplace by Business Unit, by geographical area, by expertise, by legal function...
  • make your workplace evolve freely.

Deploy real "expert tools"

To transform your Microsoft context into real expert tools, we mobilize in templatized collaborative spaces :

  • the Microsoft functional bricks that meet the desired uses,
  • our business workflow engines (validation, archiving, etc...),
  • third party tools (electronic signature...) when necessary,
  • our tools for structuring, reporting and extracting relevant data... 

Use the best office automation tools on the market and turn your Office 365 into a real EDM

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, but also Notes, Teams or Planner, work in interfaces that your organization controls.
  • Meta data, expert search engine, alert management, knowledge management, workflow engine, with Legalcluster, transform your Microsoft 365 into the best EDM on the market.

Adopt a route strategy

  • M&A, Compliance, Panel Management, Shareholder Relations, etc...
  • To accelerate the digital transformation of certain strategic functions, we have designed expert paths that we adapt to your environment.

Collaborate more effectively with your advisors

  • A true collaborative platform, our solution allows players (lawyers, financial advisors, issuers, back office, etc.) to collaborate, communicate and contribute together to the data.
  • Manage their interactions (panel management, calls for tenders, etc.).

Our approach is focused on :

Tech & Design

The deployment of the solutions necessary for your digital transformation is carried out with our business experts and developers.


Users are at the heart of the challenges of digital transformation, as contributors or users of the functions concerned.


The methodical support of the project's actors is a guarantee of success.