Shareholders Manager

Improve your efficiency and the quality of your shareholder relations with our

Shareholders Manager cluster

Simplify your relations with your shareholders

Through his personal space each shareholder :

  • accesses their information;
  • receives their documents for validation and signature;
  • is informed of the different steps;
  • has access to their records

Simplify your relations with your shareholders

Each shareholder structures, controls and shares their personal data in accordance with the RGPD regulations.

Structure your round table

  • per transaction, per circle, per shareholder...…
  • structure your tour de table, manage its evolutions over time : new tour, leaver, new financial instruments, your platform adapts to give you an exact vision of your organization.  

Become more efficient

As a true collaborative platform, our solution allows actors (lawyers, financial advisors, issuers, back office...) to collaborate, communicate and contribute together to the data.

Control your back office and social registers

All your data is structured in a database, so that it can be easily mobilized during transactions and in the daily management of your shareholding (keeping the share movement register, shareholder accounts, etc.)

Control your workflows and gain in serenity

Our workflow engine, and our integrations with docusign allow you to secure and manage your validation and signature workflows regardless of their level of complexity.

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