Social Network

Deploy the social network of your Legal Community and enter a new collaborative experience

Manage your cluster

Through your home, access :

  • your personal or organizational collaboration spaces;
  • instant messaging;
  • your network members and their news;
  • Legalcluster community resources;
  • your tools and databases;
  • your notifications.

Structure your legal community and panel

  • Organize your community by lawyer and firm, by country, by expertise...
  • Structure your repositories and search filters to easily access your contacts anywhere in the world;
  • Manage access to your panel within your organization to work in a subsidiary way;
  • Create your legal community.

Manage your data efficiently (RGPD by design)

  • Your contacts are responsible for the personal information they share with you.  
  • You are in control of the data specific to your organization. 

Communicate Easily

  • Communicate directly with members of your community from the platform through instant messaging;
  • Efficient and secure communication.

Collaborate easily

Communication, collaborative spaces, document sharing, data and business workflows, accelerate collaboration within your community by adopting the best collaboration standards.

Structure your community data

The data of your community is a precious commodity.
We help you to structure it in order to manage it efficiently.

Access services to accelerate your digital transformation

RFP management, digitalization of delegation chains, structuring of business databases, workflow engine, electronic signature...
Legalcluster gives your community access to high value-added services.


Our approach is focused on :

Tech & Design

The deployment of the solutions necessary for your digital transformation is carried out with our business experts and developers.


Users are at the heart of the challenges of digital transformation, as contributors or users of the functions concerned.


The methodical support of the project's actors is a guarantee of success.