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Take collaboration to the next level with security and administrative features built for business, integrated in your existing infrastructure.

Jean-Marie Valentin
CEO - Legalcluster

" Expert in digital transformation, PartnerMicrosoft and editor of the Legalcluster solution, we structure your platform and your business paths, based on your Microsoft context, in accordance with your strategy and the stakes of your organisation. Our approach involves a project phase and a run phase in "SAAS" or "PAAS" mode, depending on the context and the depth of the services subscribed to".

We follow the principles of the agile method and deliver their solution to our customers in successive cycles to enable them to quickly capitalize on early wins, facilitate project ownership and accelerate return on investment. The cycle of our projects follows the following phases:
Each phase is structured in successive 15-day sprints according to an action schedule agreed between the stakeholders.


Understand your way of working, your expectations and help you define your priorities, orchestrate your uses and processes to enable your digital transformation.


Based on the lessons learnt during the framing phase, we design your platform and your paths by mobilising Legalcluster modules and, if necessary, third party solutions to meet the defined objectives.


Once the design is validated, we deploy the solution in a 15-day sprint to quickly deliver value and begin the adoption phase.


We assist the project team in the adoption of the delivered solutions in order to accelerate feedback and adoption by all stakeholders.

A modular approach...

Collaboration, communication, workflows, data structuring, electronic signature, reporting, governance, ecosystem management, integration of third party solutions ...

We mobilize our technological modules to build simple paths, up to true global platforms, to meet the expectations expressed in the project phase.

that adapts to your business challenges...

Legalcluster targets all types of "business" issues :

- M&A, closing of transactions with docusign integration, 
- Projects, key account contracts, 
- Complex litigation, 
- Corporate, monitoring delegations of authority, Shareholder Relations and Management packages, 
- Compliance, dissemination of internal standards 

and allows you to mobilize your ecosystems.

Collaboration, communication, workflows, data structuring, electronic signature, reporting, governance, Legalcluster facilitates the management of legal ecosystems: legal departments, panels of lawyers, networks of "best friends",

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Our approach is focused on :

Tech & Design

The deployment of the solutions necessary for your digital transformation is carried out with our business experts and developers.


Users are at the heart of the challenges of digital transformation, as contributors or users of the functions concerned.


The methodical support of the project's actors is a guarantee of success.