Customers & Partners

We have worked with many global companies and law firms to help the in their transformation of their legal functions. 



Teynier Pic

Created in 2004 on the model of "boutique" dedicated to the settlement of disputes, Teynier Pic is an independent French law firm. The diversified nature of the team's foreign academic backgrounds, their professional experiences and their practice of the English, Spanish and German languages allow the firm to adapt to the international environment of most of the files it manages.

Cercle Montesquieu

The Cercle Montesquieu is a legal directors association that main missions are to: - Promote the legal director and his mission. - Foster professional and friendly exchanges between legal directors. - Support tomorrow's legal directors training. - To be recognized as representative reference in terms of corporate law.

Valther Avocats

We are an independent business firm based in Paris, providing our clients with our expertise in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, distressed companies, corporate law and litigation. Building on the rich experience of the two founders and their teams, VALTHER positions itself as the partner of choice for a French and international clientele of prime plan in all the key stages of the life of companies, managers and shareholders


With 206 lawyers and 10 languages spoken, Racine is Close to its customers, and is positioned as a partner. Its strong legal technicality allows it to provide them with concrete and operational solutions; its transversal practice of litigation has a real ability to anticipate.

BDGS Associés

BDGS Associés was founded by four colleagues in April 2013 in order to provide first-rate legal services to their clients. The four founders, Antoine Bonnasse, Youssef Djehane, Antoine Gosset-Grainville et Jean-Emmanuel Skovron, as well as Marc Loy who joined them in 2014, have significant expertise in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, private equity and strategic investments, corporate and securities law, corporate governance, and competition and regulatory matters. They have worked on many of the most significant transactions in France over the course of the last 20 years.

Hoche Avocats

Since 1990, Hoche Société d’Avocats has expanded its expertise and implemented an innovative and flexible approach to provide companies with a wide range of advisory and litigation services that meet all their legal and business needs. Combining specialized departments with a fully integrated and cross-disciplinary approach, the firm advises, assist and defend the interests of a diversified client base.

STAS & Associés

The multidisciplinarity of our teams ensures our clients comprehensive support in all their pre-litigation and litigation issues, whether it is to anticipate and manage crises or defend their interests before the competent courts.

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk

SVZ was founded in 2004 by Franck Sekri, Jean-Marie Valentin, and Yamina Zerrouk. We are an international independent law firm representing a true alternative in the business law sector.

GM associés

Bougartchev Moyne Associés

We are litigation lawyers who are recognised by the profession, and we assist public or private companies, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and their officers in all proceedings they are facing, whether involving white collar crime, civil law, commercial law or regulatory matters. We are the partners of our clients, not just their lawyers. We are particularly mindful of our clients’ strategy and image, and work closely with them to achieve the objectives they have set for us.


Law firm specializing in risk prevention and management. we assist our clients, industrials, investment funds, insurers, in all phases of the implementation of their technological, real estate, financial or commercial projects. We hava a recognized competence in the follow-up of complex litigation and the delegated management of claims.



Within fifteen years, Equitis, a Private Equity management company incorporated by three professionals in fund management has developed a well-known practice in trust and fund management. Its main assets are a strong expertise based on the setting up and management of more than 30 private equity funds as well as the sale of more than 300 investments. The wide range of its offer in regards to private equity funds and trust allows Equitis to meet the needs of private equity companies, bank investment teams and national and international institutional investors.



A rigorous, customer-centric approach to business process outsourcing empowers our clients to achieve positive transformation, performance improvement and considerable financial gain as a result of exceptional customer service.