Relationship Management System

Manage your ecosystem &
Value your relationships

Mobilize your professional partners

With the function "endorsement" Legalcluster allows you to identify and value your relationships of trust.

Qualify your relationships

Legalcluster allows you to qualify your contacts as a colleague, customer or supplier. Use our business tags to refine your relationships.
Pierre Netter
Managing Director

"Legalcluster lets you organize your network according to a multitude of criteria: expertise, languages spoken, company, etc. We go further, and offer our users the opportunity to qualify the type of relationship they maintain with members of Legalcluster."

Connect your ecosystem

Mobilize your legal ecosystem. Communicate and collaborate with Legalcluster services.

Secure information

Your network is sensitive, strategic information. Only you can access it.

Value your network

With the endorsement function put your partnerships in value during the Legalcluster request for proposal.