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Better clients-lawyers relations

Tomasz Lachor
Managing Director

"In only a few steps, organizations can now explain their requirements, submit it to lawyers and retrieve their offers to select the most suitable one. Lawyers can be recommended by the platform for their skills, based on clients reviews, or simply selected by the requester."

As an organization, find the lawyer that you need

  • Manage demand for all legal services of your firm in one place
  • Run your legal department in a cost efficient way while keeping under control on the quality of legal services delivered to your firm
  • Integrate RFP data with your financial ERP and control your budget (on demand service)

As a lawyer, find new opportunities

  • Build on your experience. Use Legalscore to get visibility of your person and law firm in the areas of expertise you specialise.
  • Make your network work for you. Become visible thanks to extensive capabilities of your legal network.
  • Use RFP to extend your legal team and don't be afraid to compete for biggest projects. With RFP you can develop a mix of legal expertise capable to deliver most complex legal projects within a couple of weeks.

Did you know ?

You can send RFP requests to the lawyer you know or let Legalcluster find relevant lawyers for you, based on your jurisdiction, business sector, type of problem and legal expertise required.

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Move forward in a incremental, end-to-end process from requirement definition to contract signature.


You already have a list of lawyers in your head? Great, that also works, you can send them the request even if they are not on the platform yet.


Only the lawyers that are presented the offer will know about it. They aren't informed of other contenders either.