Give the floor to your customers
& business partners

Measure customer satisfaction

With Legalscore, enter the trust economy. In a few minutes, give the floor to your customers and partners and evaluate their satisfaction.

Improve your business development

You just finished a project? Are you satisfied with the work done by your team? Don't let this moment go to waste: a few minutes are enough to send an evaluation request to your customers. With Legalscore, digitize your reputation.
Pierre Netter
Managing Director

"With Legalcluster, the customer relationship takes on a new dimension. Far from traditional rankings, Legalscore allows legal experts to assess their qualities by their clients and partners. From winning new clients, to accelerating their careers, or simply assessing the satisfaction of their customers, Legalscore puts innovation at the serv of the business development of law professionals."

Legal expertise

Corporate, social law, tax or IP/IT: whatever your legal specialty, allow your customers to evaluate it.

Soft skills

Your success is based on your personal qualities. Great negotiator? Excellent speaker? Unrivaled strategist? It's up to your customers to say it!

Value added

What is your added value? Is your pricing system tailored to your customers' demands? Give them the floor. 

Your Legalscore is in your hands

Confidentiality guaranteed
Certified evaluations
A process under your control
A valued customer relationship
Le Legalscore est un outil mis à votre seule disposition. Aucun utilisateur de Legalcluster ne peut vous attribuer un Legalscore s’il n’a pas été sollicité à cet effet.
Toutes les informations renseignées lors de la demande d’évaluation sont confidentielles et ne sont pas dévoilées à la communauté Legalcluster.
Adressez vos demandes d’évaluation à toutes personnes, y compris aux professionnels qui ne sont pas encore membres de Legalcluster.